Day 11: we have parts and they are insanely nice

Colors are still off, because we had to use what we had because some lazy ass dude at Clariant couldn’t be bothered to send the pigments on time




At the detail

on these babies!

The surface smoothness is bang on perfect. I am so so happy.


i love them, so cute! Can’t wait to get one.

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Fantastic! The level of detail and progress is short of amazing. Love the translucency on that clear front and back. I don’t think it necessary to waste time or money to polish the molds for clear, it should be translucent as it is.

The expanded color mix and match is a great idea. Not only can people do cute, they can also do serious, and everything in between!

Pokitto is looking good!

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looking really pro, great job!

Looking good!.
I hope translucent front+back+buttons is an option for backers :slight_smile:

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Even though I say it myself: this thing looks HOT !!!


Really nice visual. Color are great

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I love the colour mix here! The translucent case looks perfect.

Strangely, looking at the progress of Pokitto made my day too,lol. :heart_eyes:

I want translucent top and black bottom-buttons. It’s look amazing. Thanks for sharing and your great work.

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Hope so too! Gonna steal that scheme lol, all translucent sounds awesome.

Choices, choices, maybe I should have picked up the 2 pack, or maybe even a 4 pack! Or wait for the accessories later, I think there are plans for spare cases and stuff.

One big worry though while looking at these pictures: A/B Buttons are not at the same place on both pokitto.

If you didn’t put any safeguard on diy models to not let people switch the position of A/B buttons as they want, then there will be a big problem in terms of game controls …
So is there any thing to force the position of A/B button on diy model?


just a silly mistake when putting the buttons in place for the photo. yes, there is guiding slots to make sure A and B are straight and right way around. you can not assemble if not properly in place (when pcb is inside)


White front pink buttons (or white buttons I can pi lay with pink) translucent back
So it matches

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