Current Workflow

Hey after a long time I want to get back into developing for the Pokitto. It seems like since the last time I was here a bunch of new tools have been made. So I am wondering what the current standart is and what tools you use and what your workflow is to create for the pokitto.

btw I hope some awesome guy has made it easier to work with sound. I never could get it to work :blush:.



Welcome back! Glad to see you.

The current best thing, in my opinion but I’m sure others agree, is either FemtoIDE (my favorite) or the online PyInSky editor.



My personal workflow is FemtoIDE for code, Aseprite for graphics and BFXR and FL Studio for sfx and music.


First things first: Welcome back
Secondly: Thank you so much for Ball Bust. It’s one of my go to favorites

For getting sfx and music working we now have

Aside from FemtoIDE also check out

and it’s epic companion

For workflow with the two FemtoIDE has built in support for converting maps made using Tiled, though I haven’t personally used it so I wouldn’t be able to give any suggestions.

There’s also this to look forward to coming soon (there’s a playable demo available)