Crunch time next 4 weeks

Hello all!

Just got news 30 teachers leading code school groups with Pokittos are kicking off in 4 weeks time.

I need to be helping with preparing the materials, helping the teachers and as technical support. All of this will be very beneficial for the community, because the teaching material will eventually cover exactly the kind of questions many people have asked on the forums.

I will not be super involved with individual topics here on the forum during this time. This chance is crucially important for the growth and wellbeing of Pokitto platform and I need to be available for the teachers to make it work.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!


Good luck and have fun! (Cackles furiously at the thought of so many little minds being awakened to code and stuff thanks to pokitto! “Ke ke ke kekekekekeke”)


Cool. Please keep us updated when you get time :sunglasses:

Great to hear! I lead a group of middle school students in an after school club, so I’m curious to know what programming tools they are using for the Pokitto. I’ve set up temporary user mBed accounts for my students, but it’s not ideal.

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First day in school for these guys tomorrow! Just look at the excitement!


Noisy bunch :P.

I hope the kids treat them nicely.
They’re a lucky lot, we never had anything that cool when I was at school.

When I was in primary school, all we had was one or two pixies to share between the whole class:

Back then I sat there and daydreamed about games I’d like to make for my GBA,
and now I’m sat here daydreaming about games I’d like to make for my Pokitto.

(The difference is that now I can actually make those games if I put my mind to it.)


Heck I remember daydreaming about having a big track, that kinda operated like your pixie I presume.

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That’s fine, this is important.

Just to let you know, from August I am starting a small CS class experiment in a nearby elementary school. Just a small after-the-school meetings with the kids who are interested to take a closer look at CS, mostly using free and open source technologies because you know, these are very good for education.

My plan is to get them hooked mostly using games. And now that I’ve discovered Pokitto, you can bet I am going to use it :slight_smile: For start I’ll just let them play with mine, but if they like it, who knows, maybe the school could get interested and buy a bunch. We’ll see.


That’s cool. Let me know if I can support you in that.


Thank you. Actually if it were a success I would be glad to help e.g. translate the educational materials etc. But you know, that’s all still in the stars, just thinking ahead a bit.


FYI: I just had to order 100 more Pokittos, again

The userbase is growing, have no doubt about that.