Cross Platform Unified Online or Offline IDE/Devp Env dedicated for Pokitto Apps / Game Devlopment

This might be redundant but I am excited regarding product and it’s ecosystem,
Can I ask about a dedicated IDE/Env for developing Apps/Games for Pokitto which can be run flawlessly from any Platform(Mac/Win/Linux) online or offline that can provide some documentation/tutorials for game creators who can develop apps/games in small time with the use of resources and without any hassles !!!

Please do provide some stuff like this!!!

It will be very cool to use it then

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In case you have not noticed, this is to get started:

I know regarding this API which based upon code::blocks !!!

What I am suggesting here that dedicated IDE only on Pokitto (online/offline) cross-platform so without any hassle we can create apps/games !!!

I tried it on my Fedora 25 with Wine bcoz native version not working properly