Could not resist buying ;-)


For 69$ + postage costs:


It’s worth it even if it’s just for the Arduboy :stuck_out_tongue:


In case you’re having problems deciding what to play first:

*Definitely not biased at all.*


I am waiting for the Microcard Galaga version …


Did you know the same company is also making micro pinball machines?


@Hanski , give us some impressions when you get them!


Got a mass E-Mail from Gamebuino that they are having a ‘black friday’ sale as well - 50% of the cost of the ‘Gamebuino META x 2’ pack by using the promo code BLACKBUINO

(still too expensive for me personally :roll_eyes:)


If I was selling something at a discounted rate of €166.50, I think I would show a more inspiring game than pong on the web site :slight_smile:


The pacman is garbage :confused: screen is really blurry, also the sound is terrible… Nothing like the Arduboy or Pokitto.


I confirm, Pacman micro arcade seems of on still shots, but sounds nowhere like Pacman.

I liked the one with missile command but even then, it has lots of display bugs for the displayed text.

Weirdly enough, their micro arcade cabinet of Ms Pacman does a better job.


I hope they are at least worth 10 euros each :wink:


Probably yes, for the novelty.


Exactly, these are not overly expensive items. You get what you pay for :slight_smile: