Concept for generic comunication

so this is off the record and this is probably a dumb idea heres the “problem” i wanna solve,
connecting 2 devices can be easy with just some wires or super complicated with bluetooth to a smartphone over the internet and back again. for every game with multiplayer to support that could be hard, and thus there is little reason to use these devices and the cycle begins

disclamer this isnt a project right now and there might be something out there that already is doing this (do say if you find any)

anyway heres the idea
generic electronic link (sue me i just want a cool acronym)
a micro that is on the extension board (hat) would have all the know how on how to interface with IR, radio, wifi, bluetooth, brainwaves, you name it and sends it in a general fashion to the pokitto or even other device that could support it.
to set configurations like passwords of wifi, radio frequency type, IR protocol or whatever, gel would extend a text like interface that can be displayed on the pokitto
from the game programmer perspective GEL is just like wire and would only need to add a geli(nterface) configuration tab in there menu’s for people to configure stuff

The atari Lynx used a Comlinx cable with only 2 wires and a ground. I used the UART (??) to allow daisy chaining up to 16 lynx. Since Pokkito is in capabilaties similiar to the old consoles maybe that is an direction to explore. During the creation of the lynx this even included a infrared setup.

or is this too much for the chip ? Im really not familiar with UART.

Maybe nrf24 like 2.4 GHz radio chips can be used. It’s really low power and easy to use then other wireless communication options.

i dont know UART at all, the only interface i know something about is i2c also a 2 wire interface
its suported my most chips even the super small attiny’s so i would use that as the base, the conection itself isnt the big problem is handing off the complexity external chip to make it easy on one “protocol” and kinda gives forward compatibility

i think your missing the point the idea is that it will be able to build a board with that radio chip, or another one or a wifi one or ultra sonic or lifi (if thats ever going to be a thing) and the all act to the pokitto or other micro as the same generic comunication