[Competition] Java Game Jam competition


With 8 submissions we are at rank 19 of 86 of the current jams in progress :slight_smile:



So, i did play through all entries, that are on itch.io so far. They are all really great, but i have one clear favorite …


BIG THANK YOU to everyone who submitted and kept up the good spirit!

We have 11 new fun games, lots of new ideas and a great tool for programming

Special thanks to @FManga for Java on Pokitto and FemtoIDE

Head on over to the competition itch.io page to check out the submissions yourself, and to cast your votes!



About 8 days to give ratings to games. Now I can just relax and play all the wonderful games :joystick:

The games are very diverse as is our community, around the globe.:grinning:


I did play all titles now, looked into different aspects of gameplay, story, relation to the jam topic, graphics, playability, depth, replay value and what just makes the most fun just in my personal opinion. Very tough decision i must say.
I am trying to convince my daughter to test the games, too…


Please make sure to check the instructions of each game on the itch.io game pages, we just added more information about our game to make it easier to understand what’s going on and what can be done :wink:


Oh, yes, good hint - very helpful!


LIVESTREAM of Java compo games planned for 9th November

Hosts: Jonne and @Zockeromi , possibly also Tuomo

We will be playing the Java Compo games and discussing them

Stay tuned for announcement of exact time!


Awesome :slight_smile:


Excellent :partying_face:


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Rating on itch.io ends in 2 hours!!



(click to enlargen)

Congrats all!

Java of the Dead Overall Gameplay / Game Completeness & Best Use of
Most Fun Replayability Undead theme TOTAL SCORE RANK
Espresso Shoot 4 4,308 4,615 12,923 1
Mambo Is Me 4,154 4 3,692 11,846 2
Brew of the Undead 3,462 3,923 4,154 11,539 3
Awaken 3,538 3,769 3,692 10,999 4
Dash of The Dead 3,385 4 3,462 10,847 5
Zombie Jumpig 3,923 3,615 2,923 10,461 6
PokiEvil4 3,462 3,231 3,231 9,924 7
Totally Accurate Zombie Simulator 2,846 3,385 3,538 9,769 8
Not Dead Yet 3,523 3,203 2,242 8,968 9
Zombie Sports: 100m Unburial Sprint 2,308 2,154 3,231 7,693 10
Tygro - Pokitto Edition 2,692 2,154 2,308 7,154 11


Congratulations everyone! An excellent group of games there!


Wow, not bad for my first game. Congratulations everyone!


Congratulations everyone! This time, playing the entries was acually more fun than development.

I especially liked Mambo Is Me. :smiley:



@HomineLudens & @Vampirics, since you share the prize, and the dev kit can not be “split”, I suggest you choose from the following:

  1. “Java of the Dead” T-shirt or mug for both
  2. “Espresso Shoot” - JutD mug for both
  3. “Nauticrawl” downloadable game by @andrea_i for both

@jpfli congrats on winning … AGAIN!

Do you want a:

  1. Pokitto
  2. Pokitto LPC11U68 build-it-yourself dev kit
  3. “Nauticrawl” game
  4. JutD T-shirt / mug

@Hanski, our mystic Tampererian…

Do you want a:

  1. Pokitto
  2. Pokitto LPC11U68 build-it-yourself dev kit
  3. “Nauticrawl” game
  4. JutD T-shirt / mug


@torbuntu , thanks for two amazing entries, enjoyed them both

Would you like a:

  1. JutD T-Shirt / mug ?
  2. Nauticrawl game

@manuelsagra , thank you for a really fun little game
Would you like a:

  1. JutD T-Shirt / mug ?
  2. Nauticrawl game
  3. :wink: or a Pokitto?

EDIT: you can PM me your choice if you do not want your choice to be seen by others !!! :wink:


Finland has a massive postal strike at the moment (2-4 weeks)

… so sending the stuff out might take time


A nice suprise! Thank’s Jonne! A very cool mug.


Wow! Now I am jealous :yum: