[Competition] Java Game Jam competition


@Hanski , @torbuntu … permission to use your entries for compo promotion?


Of course :slight_smile: !


Yes, sure!



All game pages updated (itch and others)

Long story short: I am going through a pretty rough patch at work at the moment and it’s been draining my energy to maintain the compo.

As there were no big objections when the matter of extending the deadline was discussed on Pokitto Discord channel, @carbonacat came up with the excellent idea of having the deadline on Halloween - a perfect spot for the theme!


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any harder to resist the urge to start making Brexit jokes!


The game jam page has been updated in Itch. There are really great prizes for the jam! If you have not already joined the the jam, now there is absolutely no reason to opt out :slight_smile:


How are the judges going to ensure the competition entry is made of Java? There is no requirement of the sources being published.


:thinking: good point


Maybe @FManga has some idea how to check it from the binary (?)


It can be checked from the ELF-file that is produced by the build.


It’s pretty easy to identify if a bin was made in Java or not. For starters, Java games generally have the rainbow menu instead of “Press C for loader”.
I don’t expect we’d need to enforce this rule, though.


If you don’t then I might try to sneak a last-minute C++ entry in to see if anyone notices.


I meant that I don’t think anybody would actually try to break that rule.
Even if they did, the point of having a jam is to get people to make new games. A new game, whether it’s in Java, C++ or Python, is a win for the community anyway. Furthermore, if someone makes a game in some other language, they aren’t necessarily at a clear advantage compared to the other participants.
Anyway, it’s easy to tell if a game is in Java or not. Thankfully, rule application is up to the batcomputer. :stuck_out_tongue:


That rule was actually the main thing stopping me from making an entry.

If C++ had been allowed then I would probably have tried to find the time to make an entry of some description.


We need a unrestricted-language Jam for the next comp then


Yeah, I’ve lucked out twice in a row. First Python, then Java…

(Not that I can’t use those languages, but I don’t enjoy using them.)


Python is one of my least favorite languages, but I enjoyed that jam so much! Java is my favorite language so I’m enjoying this jam too much lol


I did attempt to use Python, but I just wasn’t enjoying it for a number of reasons.


Understandable. I’m glad I participated though, and might even try my luck at python in Femtoide in the future.

Gamejams are too fun for me not to participate. Even if I’m not a fan of the stack.


A brief reminder that the jam ends tomorrow,
so your entries had better be well polished and riddled with the undead.:P