[Competition] Java Game Jam competition


Wow, I now saw the skull startup screen for the first time :slight_smile: Very nice animated screens.


Needed 3 of them to top the previous splash screen. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is actually amazing, how fast Pokitto starts the game after a power-on when there are no startup screens. Literally a fraction of a second. Wow!


How to print to the console output?


did not work.


Are you expecting that to print to the Pokitto screen or the IDE’s debugging console?

If you’re trying to print to the screen, it should be something like:

HiRes16Color screen = new HiRes16Color(Pico8.palette(), Tiny.font());

(With your chosen palette and font.)

See also: femto.mode.ScreenMode.


To print to the console it’s:

The ln is important, even in regular Java.
Characters are buffered and new-lines (either by using ln or having \n in the string) trigger the flush.


I just wrote a wiki entry on the femto.Game and femto.State classes, what they do, how to use them, and why it’s a good idea to do so.

It’s possible to make games without them, but then players won’t be able to call the loader.
It’s like using the PokittoLib without calling begin().
Flashing the Pokitto manually is annoying. Think of the children.


For development it’s probably the easier option.

The only problem I ever have with it is that sometimes the back button doesn’t register.
(It seems easier on some units than others.)


I meant for the player.

For developers, yes, the back button is the more practical way of flashing. That’s why Java automatically triggers a reset when you press the flash button, no need to press the two buttons at once.


I usually use the on/off switch rather than the reset button, but that does sound fairly useful.
Perhaps that functionality could be added to the PokittoLib?


How many entries are currently being worked on?

Currently I’m only aware of 2-3.


I’m also working on one.


There looks to be 6 persons joined to the game jam, but the real count can of course be less.

I really think we should promote the jam more now that there is one month left. We have not announced the criteria or the prizes for the jam yet.


I’m “working” on something… Or better, just started something


Not sure if I can get something done, but I have prepared some concept art. :laughing:





Ok, I will suggest something so you can add your comments.

Entries will be rated on the following categories: Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, Innovation and Theme Interpretation.

The 3 best of overall points get a NXP LPC11U68 dev kit (@jonne: is this ok? )


Guys, I will get on to this


So… who will do the rating? Are those ratings point-based? Will the ratings of each entry get published by the jury?

Just trying to come up with questions. :wink:


This is the first time for me in the Itch game jam, so I do not know. Are only the jam participants allowed to vote?