Come join collaborative pixel art experiment


long time no see, I am currently pretty busy going to work and don’t have much time for Pokitto, even though I am still slowly working on my shooter.

Anyways… my online friend Modanung has started an interesting experiment in collaborative pixel art, but so far we’re the only two people working on it. It’s really just for fun, you don’t have to be a good artist to take part, we just need people to donate some pixels :slight_smile: You may put a minute in it or many hours, it’s up to you.

You can do any edits you want, we don’t like rules, just do something and see where it leads. The only things that have to be noted are:

  • The piece is under CC0 (public domain), hosted on Wikimedia Commons, so whatever you contribute you put into public domain, AND you mustn’t put in any copyrighted (even free licensed) material! So no Pokémon or movie characters etc., everything has to be public domain. Don’t copy paste other people’s work, just think of your own idea and draw it. It’s OK if it’s lame, others can improve it. Just have fun.
  • Try to keep it pixel art. We currently have a 38 color palette for the piece. You can edit the palette, add or take away colors, but you shouldn’t ignore the palette or use full RGB (in SW like GIMP it’s good to switch to indexed color mode).
  • You can change the size of the picture, but we’ve currently settled on this resolution, so without a very good reason please rather don’t :slight_smile:

How to contribute? Download the image. Then you need an account on WM commons – once you have it, there will be a “upload new version” button under the image. Use it to upload your new version.

Here’s is Diaspora post:

And here is the image:

Have fun!


I sort of want to contribute, but aside from lacking ideas I kind of feel like I’d end up spoiling an already nice image with an inferior addition.

Besides which, you’ve already got a skeleton (possibly two if my eyes are working properly) so that’s my first idea gone. :P

Ive no clue how to controbute to this unfortunately


That was a really cool contribution, imho. Another dimension opened up

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  1. You need to create a WM commons account to be able to upload.
  2. Save the latest version to your computer.
  3. Make an edit to it.
  4. Then go to the image page, scroll down to File history, at the bottom click upload a new version of this file and upload your edited image.
  5. profit

As I’m saying there’s no spoiling anything, it’s just for fun. Previous versions are preserved and can be restored or used to incorporate your contributions better. Others can improve and fix what you contribute, so don’t worry.

By now I’m a little discouraged from contributing further because no one wants to join :frowning: Would be awesome to see another contribution.

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@Dreamer2345 is that one you’ve added to or just a reposting of the latest version?

The image is a bit too big to be playing spot the difference. :P

(It’s about time someone invented a diff system for images…)

You forgot the ‘???’ step. :P

I’m guessing people are either:

  • Lacking time
  • Lacking ideas
  • Daunted by how good it already is
  • Don’t want to have to make yet another online account
  • Put off either by the fact it’s for fun rather than having an actual objective
  • Worried that what they add might get overwritten by a future change

I’m in the first three camps mainly, the last two points don’t bother me as much.

Overall I quite like the idea though.

If you have two good eyes:

(At least, this works for me.) :crazy_face:

Damn! Someone knows my method!

Interesting. Is it difficult to begin a new one with an empty canvas?

I think this is the main reason. WM Commons wasn’t created for these projects and require relatively many clicking to upload something (that’s good for it’s goal – good organization and metadata – but it’s bad for simple collaborative projects).

But at least there you have a business idea: a website that allows to collaborate easily, with easy possibilities of contributing, forking and diffing the images.

No, follow the guide above basically, just instead of uploading a new image version upload a completely new image. Uploading a blank canvas wouldn’t probably be good (any uploaded image has to be at least a little educational), so just upload your first iteration.