Color combination viewer now on front page

Hi. Thanks. The pictures are in fact photographs. Photoshop was used for masking, adjusting brightness and putting them exactly on top of each other.

Even more colors? Maybe. But can’t promise for sure yet. When we go to higher volume production, it is actually more likely that we will have less colors because buying big amounts of color pigments is very expensive (1000-1500 usd per color). For the Kickstarter units we negociated a lot of different color samples from the factory, so Kickstarter backers / early buyers have a chance to get color combos that might not be available later.

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Oh, that makes sense :slight_smile: It must take a lot of dedication to take 133 pictures…

Also, the idea about Kickstarter-exclusive colors is great! It kinda incentivizes backing it early :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to the release! The console looks awesome!

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I was wondering this as well, but likely, a Sharpie would fix that issue.

Guys, do we actually need this (the black front cover) ?

Be honest. (nah its a joke. I’ll make it happen)


@MLXXXp What combination would you use with black? Please reply asap because this issue is holding back sending out the survey at the moment. Every color requires effort from us, and I want to know if there is support. Others are welcome to comment also.

Any color looks cool with black, especially clear.

Black and orange is a perfect combo


I never asked for black for the case front or back.

My choice will probably be clear front and back with black buttons, which you were already offering.

I requested black, it was on the kickstarter page. Black front with peppermint buttons and back looks good to me

Lol, actually every handheld system I own is black or a dark color. Arduboy is the dark blue, vita is black and 3ds is black. But if it is cost prohibitive and I’m the only one that would want it I can find a different color.

This is amazing, thanks!

I cannot imagine the logistic nightmare that is coming :sweat_smile:

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Sorry got you mixed with @Shdwwzrd here.

Hard to keep tabs on twitter/kickstarter/here comments.

In summary it seems we have enough interest to try to run a few black covers as well

Now that backers are being sent surveys for which colours they want, how about a graph on the front page showing which colours people are choosing (no names of course, just numbers) It would be nice to know which colour options have been most popular.


That is an excellent idea.

I will try to find time to extract the data from Kickstarter.

For Backers KS UI appears glitz and glam, the back stage UI for creators is a dump.

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I selected an extra case for the kickstarter form, how do I pay for the extra one? I havent received any detail about that


Sorry. I’ve been too busy.

The problem is the Paypal “EU-anti-money-laundering” legislation - believe it or not! They need more clearance from our side.

I will take care of that immediately


It seems to be the same for me. Additional money about the extra cases doesn’t show.

Don’t worry guys: I will take care of this right now.

I’m just walking out of the printers, with Pokitto quick manuals in my hand. This was the final missing piece of the package


We’re being charged already? I see nothing on my PayPal account yet…

People who wanted additional sets will get a message from Pokitto with a link&info to the Paypal payment.

Nothing has been charged yet via Paypal