Color combination viewer now on front page

I will ask the guys at the factory. Maybe we can try to make some clear peppermint by mixing solid peppermint with transparent

by the way: clear pink looks really good, better than the pictures here

No dark colored shells? The bright colors would be distracting for me.

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We could make black relatively easily. You want black to be added?

We have no pigments at the moment for other dark options

Yes, a black front would be perfect. Thanks

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I’ll see what can be done.

Black or clear black would be amazing. I would want clear black, as I’ve said since before color choices were available. XD

I am spoiling you all. I will probably get to regret making so many colors. But thats ok.


I don’t see why anyone wants anything other than clear front+back, we already know there’s pokitto fan art all over the circuit board, surely everyone want’s to have it visible?!


There is an error in Chrome. Look at the right corner of link bar. Something about unsafe script. Press and allow. I don’t know about other browsers.

@NullMember Could you take a screen capture of that error? I do not see it on my chrome browser

I removed 2 refrences to missing img objects that were causing an error & 2 jQuery methods that had been deprecated.

Lets see if that helps.

@NullMember Aha. WordPress uses JQMIGRATE to automatically load a new version of jQuery. I am using some functions that were deprecated for jQuery 3.

Need to make a workaround.

Edit: Nope. I was already using jQuery 3 and it works perfectly in local

It seems the error is coming from a bug inside the theme (Emmet lite) and caused by me including a newer version of jQuery

Edit: confirmed

a(window).load(function() {

inside theme minified file. .load method has been removed in jQuery 3.

Fixed by using an old version of jQuery in the color selector (1.8.3.)

@NullMember inform me if you still get error messages

Error message has gone and now works properly :slight_smile:

@jonne I didn’t know you did jQuery, will the Pokitto support HTML5? :wink:

Works ok if I enable unsecure code:

Oh, the problem was that i was using https instead of http.

I actually have SSL for the site, but turned it off b/c theme had problems. I need to overhaul the whole thing

Confirmed, https: is the problem. I tried it also and the scripts didn’t work anymore

In a dark environment, does the LCD backlight “bleed” light from the edges and become visible inside the case with any of the “clear” colours?

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Yes to some extent the backlight bleeds into the case

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Awesome job! I couldn’t tell it was Photoshopped, and actually thought you took all the pictures, it looked so realistic :stuck_out_tongue:
A little question: will there eventually be more colors after release? I honestly think red would look nice :slight_smile:

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