Color combination viewer now on front page

Hey all!

Please go check out the color combination viewer on front page. It was a lot of work - not because of coding - but because there was so much to photograph and Photoshop.

But how else are you going to show people what 336 available combinations means ? :grinning:



We could now make the best combinaison choice that will come soon.

Raaaa lovely

thanks a lot

Did you will have clear-pepermint too ???

unfortunately not. pigment manufacturer was out of stock for that color.

Beautiful!!! I love the colors!! I know exactly what I want mine to look like!

I thought the buttons and power switch had to match the back because they were both part of the same mold. Is this no longer true?

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The buttons can now be a free choice as well. You can thank our local mold makers for that.

I went to the factory when they were making the mod. Aki, the fellow you see in some of the videos, comes and says: “we though you might want to make the buttons separately, so we made a separate injection channel for it.”

Me: “oh really? Thanks guys!”

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In my (quite old) ipad, the frontpage now looks like this.

All the images are in looong vertical liist. There is something Safari does not support.


I need to add a toggle to recognize non-compatible browsers.

I am surprised iPad has no HTML5 support

edit: thanks for the warning, much appreciated

This is what I am Interested in !!!


That is something else. The same bug occurs in Chrome and Edge browsers in Windows.

Edit: The good & old IE is the only browser that can show the page right in my PC.

No problems here

  • Firefox Ok
  • Edge Ok
  • Chrome Ok
  • Chrome on Android phone Ok

@Hanski Javascript disabled?

Nice but so many colors to choose from aaaaahhh:smile:

Are you sure there is no white front? All white Pokitto was a combination I was waiting for (to look like my new video game charactere : Sugar Boy).

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Javascript is enabled (SunSpider works etc.). Very weird. Looks like so far I am the only one with these problems (?).
Chrome: 60.0.3112.90

I remember you asked this. I have some white front covers from proto phase. They are not mechanically perfect but you could try one. If you are one of the KS backers write about this on the free comments in the survey (coming today or tomorrow latest)

I don’t think that there is any reason to have any different colours than this :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is great, thank you!

Awesome! Thanks @jonne :relaxed:

Arf snif snif Clear blue was my prefer :’(

I need to make an other combinaison for now :wink:

Did you have an idea when we could command new color part (and new hardware) ? (2018 ?)

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