CodeBlocks & Windows10 problems

In general CodeBlocks works fine. There are however a couple of problems which I think are related to CodeBlocks app.

  1. Paste is mapped to middle mouse (i.e. scroll) button in CB. It is very easy to accidentally press the mouse scroll wheel when doing scrolling. That causes pastes to random places. Very annoying.

  2. When CodeBlocks is running, sometimes Windows has hard time moving focus to other apps. I have to click several times on the window of other application to make it active.

Has anyone else experienced these? Or even better, have you been able to fix it?

It causes my start bar to flicker, but I don’t have the above issues.

I haven’t got any focus problems either

Does anyone know an easy way to switch directly to the previous/next source code window in CodeBlocks? Like ctrl+tab in many windows editors.

Ctrl+Tab works on Code::Blocks in Windows 8.1.
I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working in Windows 10.

ctrl+tab brings the window list but the focus is in the current window, not in the previous window


ninja keyboard

that either does not seem to get the previous window in history, but goes to the previous window in the “Open files” list.

does this fits?

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Yes! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: A small thing but makes working with the editor easier.

:grin: proud it help @Hanski
I’m not a big fun of CodeBlocks, but it seems highly customizable. So in one way or the other the result can be reached.