[CLOSED]A community effort this weekend: Improve/fix the "quick start" documentation. Please, join!


The goal of this effort is to make it easier for a newcomer to start using and coding for Pokitto.

The “quick start” documentation is here: https://www.pokitto.com/start/

And here: https://pokitto.github.io/start/learn/quickstart


Go through the “quick start” documentation. Fix errors, and add missing pieces.


This weekend!

Please, reply here if you can attend!

As only Jonne can update the web page, please list the changes below. Otherwise update the Github repository.

The web page changes:


I will attend!


I will be here! :smiley:


Lol! I will attend also.


I’ll try to join the :tada:


Great! You all can start when you want. It is only good that many people go through it as different persons notice different things. Just make your changes and commit it to GitHub often. If you are writing something that takes time, put a note here so that we do not do duplicate work.

In case of web page changes, you can put here a list of changes needed so @jonne can update it to web.

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Would it be better to have a wiki or a file on github to list the changes needed. That way it’s all in one convenient location for @jonne (not that he wouldn’t enjoy reading everyone’s posts :wink:).

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I made the first post of this thread a wiki, so that can be used for the web page change requests.


Is there a way to test the github io pages locally without install Ruby-> Bundler->Jekyll->etc ?
Plain web host seems not working…

Just push and see how it looks, that is what I did

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Yup, that’s actually what I’m doing :smiley:
My first page: https://pokitto.github.io/library/display/drawline

Seems like some of the changes doesn’t apply instantly :face_with_monocle:


Looks good!


I do not know what has happened but seems that this link do not work any more:

There where step1 ,step2, and step3 before.

Fixed, after some try :smiley:
I don’t know where the error was coming from.

Fixed only here https://pokitto.github.io/start/learn actually

Thanks! Very weird indeed as there were any commits which could have caused it.

Playing catch up and joining the party finally! I was taken abruptly away from the tech world for the majority of the day yesterday, but I’m here today!

I have now gone through
And improved/rewrote the instructions for Windows and Linux. They should be okay now.

Ps. @filmote @carbonacat It would be nice if you could check that from the Mac OS user perspective.

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I’m going to add a bit to the Linux portion on step3. I actually do very similar to how the Windows steps are, putting pokitto in flash mode and just drag-drop and replace firmware.bin.

I’m curious, does it not do this on Ubuntu?

I am being kind of a pest, because I want the steps to be as simple as possible for folks in Linux distributions that are a bit less familiar with the technical pieces.

[Edit] ah yes, I totally forgot doing a copy on linux (at least for me on fedora) doesn’t actually work quite right, thus the dd heh…


I get this in Zorin if I just drag and drop.

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Yeah, I manually deleted the current firmware.bin and then drag-dropped but it didn’t seem to work unless I used dd

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