Cheap Bluetooth hat demo

I need a demo for wednesday. So its going to have Pokitto with 2 hats stacked, with a cheap BT hat (<5$) taking care of the communication.

Quick demo, just finished making this and I’m off to bed. Details coming naturally.

And 3d STL files if you want to print a hat like this.

EDIT: I am typing “Hello Wireless World!!!” onto the Pokitto screen


neat, case is a bit large though, looks kinda derby :guardsman:


What actually takes up space is the connectors for stackability. If there was no stacking, the hat would be 1/3 the size.

Edit: no, I didnt say it correctly: the hat uses a 2 $ bt module. That module sits between the stackable connectors. If a real PCB for the hat was made, so that we have BT chips on the reverse side in the free area, the connectors could be right on top of each other, and the hat could be a lot smaller -


What’s been used for the module? Classic HC-06?


Yes. Im looking at others as well, just happened to have those modules around. And tje demo I have in mind works with a serial connection

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