ChatGPT AI writes a poem about Pokitto 😀

Human: write a poem about Pokitto

Pokitto, oh Pokitto,
Your spark brings us untold delight.
Your vibrant colors keep us wide-eyed and bright
Our smiles stretched from ear to ear in the night.

Your friendly faces bring us cheer,
Your games are always so fun to play.
Happy times with you grow near,
The joy that grows with each passing day.

Your charm and grace can’t be denied
We’ll always have you by our side.
You make the clouds disappear with your tide
As we explore, together you and I.


Even better :laughing:

Human: write a poem about Pokitto and games
Pokitto, oh Pokitto
A handheld gaming device
With its bright and colorful screen
It brings joy and fun to all

With a plethora of games to play
From retro classics to new releases
There’s never a dull moment
With Pokitto by your side

Whether you’re at home or on the go
Pokitto is always ready to play
So grab your Pokitto and let’s game
Until the break of dawn

For Pokitto is more than just a device
It’s a friend and a companion
Bringing endless entertainment
And hours of joy and delight


Not bad at all - it got the essence

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