Cannot build the newest PokittoLib with CodeBlocks (Wins Pokitto Simulator)

A lot of this kind of errors. Probably the wrong compiler version.
…\Pokitto\Pokitto_settings.h|147|error: ‘POK_PERSISTENCE’ declared as an ‘inline’ variable|

@dwidel and @lucentbeam recently encountered the same problem:

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Its due to c++17

@Hanski @dwidel and @lucentbeam

PokittoLib patched and works out of the box with latest Code::Blocks 20.03


  1. get latest pokittolib from
  2. get Examples from
  3. add Examples directory in same folder as Pokittolib
  4. get codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe from
  5. install CodeBlocks, run it
  6. open Pokitto_sim.cbp from \PokittoLib\Pokitto\POKITTO_SIM

I probably didn’t follow the instructions correctly, but I had to put the examples folder at the same level as PokittoLib for it to open the hello world main.cpp.

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I am sorry, I forgot to fix it here. Yes, Examples needs to be on the same folder. It is written in both readme of PokittoLib and readme of Examples