Can Someone Explain Screenmodes & Color Palette Options?

I’m confused about how the Pokitto’s color screen works.

Let’s say that I I want to make a full-screen game. Is there a limitation to how many colors can be on the screen at a time? Is there a limit to the images I can draw to the screen? What stops me from just using a 16-color palette with full screen at full speed?

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turn on persistence and use directBitmap for your images i think

What do you mean by that? Just directly draw to the buffer? Will that prevent limitations?

The Gameboy had the ability to draw tiles as parts of sprite objects, which had hardware limitations, but you could easily draw whatever you wanted to the screen to get around those limitations. I am imagining that the Pokitto does something different in order to draw those sprites faster than directly drawing to buffer? I’m just uncertain as to what a lot of these terms mean.

as far as i understand you can get full 16 color per image in derectbitmap but since your derectly drawing to the screen you should watch out for objects that overlap (will couse flicker)

How would that cause a flicker?

If I draw to buffer, then, draw on top of it, then the buffer is displayed, then I repeat the process, when would the screen display only one of the images, but not the other?

game.display.directBitmap() gows straight to the screen and ignores the buffer compleetly
wen you draw the buffer to the screen it will overwrite the everything on screen and so cousing flicker
the buffer for high res mode is limited to 4 colors else it be to big in ram

Weird, but understandable.

wich part is wierd? im willing to explain the science of the display

It’s weird to me because I’ve never messed with a system that does that, so I’d have to check it out in person and get used to it. I understand why the hardware could work that way, though.

yea, disclaimer i dont have a pokitto to test on
but i have used oled and lcd screens in the past
the most comen mode i have seen is a rectangle draw the screen takes in x y width and then the pixel data in 565 rgb. with this you can draw a buffer to the entire screen or draw sprites about anywhere on the screen simple and fast
now this is usualy all handled by the library but with highres with more colors your going to be tricky witout a buffer

I think I’ll be able to handle that. :smiley: If it looks good on PC, we’ll make it work on the Pokitto one way or another.

since your doing the card game you could half-sample your images like a 0.5x there origenal size
basicly skipping a row and colem every time
you have to write that yourself though, its not in the library