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When I click on “My Shop Account” on the front page of, I get a login window. I don’t see any way to create a log in. I created a login for this forum, but those credentials don’t work for the shop login.

When I click on the shopping cart, it says my basket is empty and gives me a button for “Return to shop”. When I do that, there are no items.

How do I create a shopping account on Pokitto?

The shop is still not online. I think you can create an account first when it´s online

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Yep, the shop is not online.

Background info: we are STILL shipping the Kickstarter units and none will be sold until we have taken care of the KS backers. Sorry

The reason why this has gone like this is basically Daniel being unable to manufacture PCBs at the rate we thought. In 2018 jan/feb a fix is coming (another manufacturer)

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Hrm, I’ve noticed quite a few people have asked this now.

Maybe the situation needs to be made clearer/more prominent until units are actually available for sale.
E.g. globally pinning an announcement to the forums or maybe giving an explanation of the situation is pride of place on the shop page. (Or maybe both.)

Thanks for the info.

Good luck with your manufacturing.

Developing a product is the 90% of getting something made.

Manufacturing is the other 90%.


Yep. It only became clear in october what the problem was (uneven output). By which time it was too late to do anything (lead time 12-16 weeks to spin up another production). We lost Maker Faire Rome sales and entire christmas sales. You can imagine how that feels after a years worth of hard work.

That being said though, 500 Pokittos are already in the wild & its only thanks to Daniel’s hard work that they exist. We just maxed our combined resources, thats all.



Any news on the shop stuff / production?

I’m sorry for being impatient haha

No problem!

I was talking to Daniel yesterday. You know the problem has been that getting PCBs made was a problem. Daniel bought an industrial grade solder paste printer last week and it is now installed. He said Pokitto yield (=succesful Pokittos made) is now close to 100%. He is shipping remaining KS boards and more to me tomorrow. And the situation will continue to improve.

So I guess I could open the shop and start accepting orders this week :grinning:

But but but… as a hard lesson learned from previous delays, only when I see the boards are on their way, I will open the shop.



Will there be a notification going out when the store is back up? If not, that’s alright, I’ll just keep poking around every day until I see it. Kicking myself for not finding the kickstarter when it was happening :]


Hi there

Long story short: I can’t get any boards out of Daniel. He’s too busy with other stuff. I’ve been waiting for many weeks now.

We are trying to fix the situation by finding other manufacturing capacity.

Please drop also a mail to jonne at pokitto dot com and I will add you to the list of people I will ping as soon as I can get any kind of stock.



Daniel said 80 boards were shipped to me yesterday. 55 of those will still go to backers.


I honestly didn’t intend to come off as being pushy. After reading through the forums I noticed the other mentions of the slow board development. I’m just extremely excited about this project! I will send an Email to be put on a notification list, so exciting!


No problem! Issues do not get fixed by sweeping them under the rug. We’re working on it!


I definitely see that! I’ll wait patiently :smiley:

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Anything new about shopping? :smiley:

Excuse me, i do not know where it is better to ask this question, but what does “completed” status mean in the order section? Order already sent or not? How do i know the package’s track number?

Hey! Thanks for reminding. I have forgotten to send the tracking numbers for the last batch.

It means your order was shipped.

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