…another one to add to the list:

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I think it is good that there are more and more devices and (supposedly) demand also for these MCU gaming devices. That makes MCU devices more mainstream and increases the market. It is also good for Pokitto as it has a good and competitive offering in its own segment. It is usually better to have a smaller slice (percentage) of the bigger market, than a bigger slice of a niche market.


I’m going to need to get a side job to afford all of these devices :joy:… though this arcade one doesn’t look very comfortable by default. Would require heavy shell customizing to be cozy.
There isn’t much info on hardware adding though. I still think the Pokitto PEX is the best foe that.

“STEM” is starting to become a heinous buzzword.

Spec-wise it’s alright, but the only thing it has going for it is the extra buttons and the divisible-by-8 resolution (3:2 is a good aspect ratio).

My reaction is the same as with the PyBadge - if there’s no statically typed language and no proper text-editing IDE then I’m not interested.

Notice how all these devices that offer the ‘easy programming’ solutions (dynamically typed scripting languages and/or block-based langauges) have to have at least a Cortex M4 to be usable.
If the user wants an easier time the hardware has to pick up the slack.

(I decided to migrate this because it’s a different device so the discussion is bound to diverge.)