Black Friday Special! l'Abbaye des Morts!


Yes, it’s for real, thanks to @HomineLudens, @FManga and @drummyfish

Tell your friends, tell your family, retweet on twitter!

@ExeDmgDeb, this is for you :wink:


Hooray, I can finally let Diaspora know :blush: Let me just say it’s mostly thanks to @HomineLudens and @FManga and @jonne as well, I’ve been mostly just watching.


Cannot wait to try this!


Let’s say @FManga @drummyfish and @jonne are really good in what they do.


Great news!

Maybe you should add a litte preview video? :slight_smile:


Does that mean that we will have a new gamedisk release with the new loader tomorrow? :wink:


Could you all make sure you retweet this tweet on Twitter? We are still at 13 rt’s, that is too little


If I’d known there was work being done on this I would have offered to help.


If only I could retweet more than once…


Done! 14 retweets!


This was a complete surprise mission to me as well. Last week suddenly @HomineLudens calls me on the tactical line, he is deep inside the temple of the black ninjas. All I did was call in the SWAT team to get the code debugged in time.


I can confirm, it was late in the night, and everything was really really black. Suddenly the special force paratrooper from the coders olympus with lot of firepower.
You know bazooka debugger and laser code refactor… that kind of stuff.
Everything seems brighter later.


About the new loader. I think we could make a gamedisk release in near future so that each coder will have some time (like a week or something) to make a pop-file of the game, including screenshots and icons.


Yes, I need to test them also.


It works very well already.


Will the port of the game be available for those who already have a Pokitto after the black Friday special?


Yep :slight_smile: It’s gonna be open-source under GPL.


Ah, now I remember why I originally didn’t try to port the code. (Well, one of the two main reasons.)

I hope you remembered to document and date your modifications.

The work must carry prominent notices stating that you modified it, and giving a relevant date

(I just realised that line has some pretty bad grammar.)


Ummm… sure :smile: At least from this moment the notice is there.


Just seen and retweetet immediately of course. I did play the mega drive version already, a lot of fun, i also made my own physical game package for this😉