Badges Honorary Table!



Game Makers

Published game, but it is mostly work-in-progress / demo

@adekto @79859899 @Pharap @spinal @VonBednar @Hanski @HomineLudens

Game Publishers

Published a playable game

@Shdwwzrd @uXe @catsfolly @spinal @Zuzu36 @RichardAmes @Hanski @trelemar @wuuff @epicdude312 @drummyfish

Game Moguls

Something truly awesome and/or many fun games released

… none awarded yet!


Wizard’s Apprentice

Cool tricks done with Pokitto

@Hanski @jhhoward @wuuff

Wizard Journeyman

Seriously cool tricks with Pokitto

@FManga @adekto @NullMember @spinal @HomineLudens @drummyfish

Wizard King

You blew us away with that one

@Hanski @FManga @drummyfish


Community Builder

You have contributed wikis, tutorials and tools! Thank you for your valuable help!

@mwm @adekto @HomineLudens @Pharap @spinal @jpfli

Tower of Strength

Continuous and remarkable support the community and other Pokitto users


NOTE: this is a work-in-progress, more badges will be added as I make them!


How is game publisher different from game maker?


Let me add that


Hey @jonne! I claim for Game Publisher too! Here the proof YATT :rage:


I have the power to grant badges, but I don’t know if I’m ‘allowed’.
I think only jonne is ‘allowed’ to grant badges.

Either way, fair point.


Obviously I’m just joking on it. It’s a good motivation have some missing badges, and lately I’m lacking on will for finishing my WIP. BTW congratulations @Pharap , you deserve it.


Unfortunately, badges are considered vs. the skill level of the individual. So people like you need to work harder for level ups.

Sorry. Life is not fair.


Actually, the badges are awarded by the Batcomputer in the Batcave. But only I have access, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this.



Who am I to argue with the Batcomputer? :P


The Badges are beautiful and in all cases well deserved. :blush::+1:
Btw. As it seems obvious that it will look selfish if the king would crown himself, Jonne has earned no batch - but if i would suggest it as a peasant of this community he might as well earn one😉


New badge added - Community Builder! (or actually, these were already given earlier, but I had not drawn the badge art yet)


I have added @drummyfish to the honorary table!