Back to the basics

I was yesterday listening to a seminar of game programming for mobile. That reminded me how much of the programming today is other than for the actual game: social media integration, ads intergration, etc. Not with Pokitto :slight_smile:


Ah yes, two of the main reasons I won’t even touch mobile games.

In a way I hope things like Pokitto can help bring us back to the days when playing games on the go meant a proper handheld console. Back when your high score and achievements mattered more than how many friends you have on facebook or whether you’d tweeted about the game recently.

(I respect that others may disagree and like social media integration, but from my point of view it invasively detracts from the game rather than adding to it.)


Exactly, and for certain games a touch screen just do not fit. Virtual d-pads are horrible!


I agree, virtual D-pads are crap. I tried a psp emulator on the phone and there were only a few games playable.

Yeah indeed! Fortunately there is support on both iOS and Android for an external controller (either bluetooth and OTG), but not all games support an actual controller unfortunately.

The response delay for a virtual controller is crappy and the lack of proper tactile feedback (e.g. the bounds of a button, the depth, the feelings) makes the experience really weird. Using a vibration kind of do the trick but… it’s bad, and the vibration engine has its own delay as well