Back from mini-holiday, boxes of bits arriving

Hi all!

I’ve been away from home for little more than a week. Back yesterday, and boxes full of displays and other stuff have arrived. Waiting for latest PCBs from Daniel. It was a much needed mini holiday, I feel great and we will continue full steam to deliver your Pokittos as soon as possible.



Hi Jonne,

This is great to hear! Laying out components and checking through how they will fit together as a finished assembly has to be one of the great moments in a project.

This brings to mind a question – for the backers that ordered a Pokitto that requires some assembly, what will be involved?

I appreciate all the great updates. Sometimes it’s a quiet board here, but I’m sure there are lots of people thinking to respond “yay!”, but they might not be sure if that would make a good post. So, also, yay!

All the best,


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I think this video shows exactly what we have to do …

I am hoping for a Lego instruction booklet for how to assemble the pokkito :slight_smile:

@Rakkachi Lego-style instructions are coming.

For me the @catsfolly link did not work so here it is again

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yay ! (and extra typing because of the minimum 20 char limit)

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Sorry - I tried adding the video link from my android phone, and I got it wrong somehow.

This is the video I was trying to link to.

I figure if Jonne built a Pokitto in 4 minutes, I can probably do it in under an hour…

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You know, the reason why its a “simple kit” is because I wanted to give the kids a feeling of achievement even before they start programming. At maker faire bay area, I had one set that was constantly taken apart and assembled by kids. They could do it in < 10 minutes, so I have faith in you!

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Great video! It makes assembling very easy indeed.

I cannot wait to get one.