Arduboy Hat Idea


random idea about the pin guard , could make a spring loaded pice of plastic surrounding the pins, heres an abstract rendering


That would be really cool.
Would be interesting to know how much it would raise the cost though.

It would be even cooler if the end had a cover with holes for the pins to slide through.
(That might help to keep the pins straight too.)


that could help but then the pins need to be longer to make a proper connection

also i think some vtech game cards and the atari cartridges used something like this

but your right it would probably add a bit to much cost for what its weurth


Looks like VTech did it. Makes sense since they were targetting children.

If it’s too costly then a simple 3D printed cap would work fine.
The hardest part would just be getting a decent way of getting the cap to stay on.
Maybe with some kind of clip (though those tend to break with wear).


what about getting a female plug and glue a 3D printed case around it?


That could work. Though again, it depends on expenses.
It might be cheaper to 3D print something similar.


I’m no too bothered about guarding the pins, the only worry I have is making sure that the hat can only be connected the correct way around. As there are an even number of pins set out equally, plugging the hat in backwards is quite likely and could result in damage to wither tha hat or the Pokitto.


we can add a notch?


That could easily be solved by having very large letters engraved onto the front:
"This side towards the screen"
or "This is the front"

Otherwise the only way I can see to pull off something restrictive is to have a little plastic tab that somehow fits into that little groove on the front side of the Pokitto, or to have a sort of ‘arm’/‘guide’ that extends down on the right hand side.

Here’s another badly drawn diagram to illustrate:

Presumably someone will be able to shape it so it hugs the Pokitto’s side
like a friendly *insert face-hugging creature of choice*.

Personally I’d prefer the hat to be wide enough to have an arm on each side:

Symmetry is beautiful.


lol we had the same idea XD

having it on the left side may conflict with sd card though


It’s becoming a habit.
Great minds think alike :P

Then put a small rectangular hole in it?
That will make it even more obvious - the left side has the SD slot hole.


we could do the wedge to the front and back
this could shroud the pins for a little protection aswel and it makes the module only as wide as the PEX conector


@Mr.Blinky I’ve already added soft reset pin connected to PEX. If I can reduce board size without reset button I will remove it. Otherwise reset button can be optional to populate.
@adekto @Pharap they are really good ideas but this project is DIY. I don’t know is anyone want to mass produce this thing. If you have an idea make sure it’s easy to reachable/available for everyone


if we design it well enough it could be more general purpose for more then just this hat
we can 3D print them or get shells made


I think 3D printed stuff is becoming common enough to be classed as DIY.

(If anyone doesn’t have a local 3D printer place then we can always blackmail convince people like @eried to print and ship 3D printed cases for materials+postage+labour.)


way ahead of you i just dusted off a old 3D printer to test fit a hat


i dont have a dual row header pins so im using a random single row long header just as a test fit


Cool, that was quick :slight_smile:


@NullMember , what is the next step in this project? When the hw is ready I can attend by doing sw for it, but until then I am just following you, HW gurus :wink:


found some pins and made mockup , side clearance can be much smaller and ofcource the height is not tall enough, this is just a test fit, and it only one piece of plastic, the pins themselves grab really tightly on the PEX connector so i dont thing it needs any more securing