Arcade game bundle

just an idea, hope people want to chip in with this one
since loading multiple games is looking like a bit of a pain maybe just bundling up might be nice
in particularly arcade games you might play just for a couple second to a min before changing them out.

we already good a rough version of pong and i think modifying that to a break out wont be hard.
i do wonder if anyone got a good idea for how to design the sprites so there pretty generic or reusable in multiple type of games

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here are some mockups pong,breakout and snake all using the same tileset, reusing where i can, its 4 color grey atm just to make it simple, kinda wanna look into color shifting sprite data before there drawn on the buffer

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Tetris wouldn’t really take up much extra in the way of tile data either…

Ok so tetris and colums variant.
I was looking into using same sprites for space invaders and centipede
And tron lightbikes is also an easy variant on snake
Is that enugh for a bundle?

Loving your idea @adekto! I have the Arduboy and having only one game on the console is just… a real bummer.

Would definitely love to see the centipede/snake game and “tetris” type of games. Thanks again for this idea! :grin:

Good to establish at least a base of “evergreen” game like tetris, pacman, snake… Or maybe Sudoku.

That would give different profile of owners a reason to 1) own pkt and 2)carry it around.

Sudoku is a little heavy on the generation
Though there are allot of variation on sudoku with shapes so it would really be its own game I think