Anyone know what this is for?

I ordered it on AliExpress because I just wanted a kit to solder, well they did me a “favor” and sent a preassembled kit at no extra charge Yay🤨.

I know it’s supposed to be for an arduino but cannot find the listing again. I just want to know what it is supposed to do lol.


Pro tip : when in doubt, just type the number on the chip into google + arduino, thus:“tm1638 arduino”

Its some sort of shift register that is in this example used to control 7-seg led displays (that would need 8x8 i/o pins otherwise)


Apparently the TM1638 chip is actually intended to be used in household appliances that use 7-seg displays or similar according to the data sheet:

Here’s a data sheet for the actual board (which includes some example code):

Nice so it may actually be something interesting.
I still wanted to put it together myself lol.