Any chance we could have apple 2 games like Oregon trail

Just wondering if pokitto could run something like Oregon Trail? Or something similar?


Something similar could be done for sure. Now if someone would actually put time in doing it is another story.

Personally I would rather have something like Organs Trail instead lol


Somebody made a partially complete adaptation of Oregon Trail on the Arduboy called Cascade Path. It had some memory corruption issues and wasn’t totally finished.

It would probably be possible to port that over as a starting point or shortcut to get something working quickly, although depending on the quality of the code perhaps it would be easier to start from scratch. There could be something useful to learn from that though.

I think the Pokitto should be quite capable of replicating the graphics of the Apple II version of the game, perhaps with some adjustments for aspect ratio. If you compare Oregon Trail’s graphics to the Pokitto port of L’Abbaye des Morts, it’s clearly up to the task, although it may take some extra work to get a good framerate at high resolutions.

However, as @Vampirics said, it’s less certain whether anyone will have the time and motivation to make it. I was actually surprised that the Arduboy version seems to have gotten stuck half-finished, since there’s a large, active community there, but it seems like sometimes roadblocks can stall a project indefinitely.

I don’t know if you were thinking of making a version of the game yourself, but if you are I’m sure there are multiple people on the forums who would be willing to answer any questions you have.


Cascade path doesn’t have a licence,
so you’d have to contact the author to ask them to put a licence on it,
or at least for permission to use it.

Looking at the code, I think it would be easier to start from scratch.

The code isn’t bad as such, but there’s quite a lot of code to take in and it isn’t laid out as well as it could be.
Also it’s not using a proper game loop, it’s one of those games that relies on while(true) and delay in places.

It’s also an ‘old’ game (from around 2016) that uses a customised version of the original Arduboy library rather than Arduboy2.

I think it was forgotten about mostly.
The original author isn’t around and it’s rare for someone to pick up someone else’s project if they don’t finish it,
even when a project does have an open source licence.

I’m one of those people who will gladly answer questions and offer advice.

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How hard could and Oregon trail game be,
10 ?“Press a button”
20 if button is pressed goto 30
30 Die of Dysentary
40 ?“Game over”