[Announcement] Shipping situation: mail almost in halt

Some people esp. In US are reporting no arrival of Pokitto packages

Unfortunately, seems to be a bigger issue arising from lack of flights that carry mail.


I’ve heard that some post offices are quarantining packages as well I’ve got several Ali packs that have been sitting at the local office that the mailman said she couldn’t deliver yet.

Mine showed up today, Hurray! Yesterday boss sent email asking for 50% more hours from everyone, Boo!.


My wife’s showed up today as well. I also received one of the ever elusive joystick hats :grin:


It took about a month then. Good to hear that its finally arrived.


@dwidel @tuxinator2009
You could share some awesome introductory images about your new Pokittos over here: https://talk.pokitto.com/t/your-pokitto-show-it-to-the-world/

At least to maybe help satisfy those still waiting :smiley:

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Demand 50% more pay. :P

They’re actually desperate enough this sprint they are paying the contractors their overtime. None for me though :frowning:

Around here, if crying because Bernie sanders took their money and dropped out of the election we’re a minimum wage job, the millinieals would be rich