[ANNOUNCEMENT!] Server had to go back 14 hours in time!

Due to a failed docker&discourse update I had to revert to a 14 hour - old backup of the site

I am very sorry for that, there was nothing I could do. There was some kind of a memory leak, causing the server to crash 5 min after reboot.


@Pharap , I know you are always praising the benefits of running the latest upgrades but by god we were in a bit of serious truble a few minutes ago

Thank god I have automatic backups running, even if they cost a pretty penny.


Reading my notification I had a deep sense of dejavu…

Hm, well, we can’t change it, glad everything is up and running again

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How old was the update?

If it was ‘nightly’ then it makes sense that there could be bugs,
but if it was supposed to be a stable build then someone screwed up big time.

Yell at the people in charge.

Fortunately there wasn’t too much to loose.

As far as I remember the most important thing that’s gone is “how do people who haven’t signed up to the forum submit to the contest”.

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There have been previous cases of similar situations (critical updates break layout). Response from Discourse devs is: its free software, so you can’t complain.

I’m not kidding. Unfortunately.

There is no distinction between critical updates (security) and aesthetic updates (eg. moving from Font Awesome 4 to FA 5). They come in one big bundle. And you can’t deselect those options - which led to todays crash

Whilst the software technically has no warranty, I suspect most people would agree that once a piece of open source software surpasses a certain number of users the maintainers have an implied obligation to support those users.

Or to put it less eloquently: what a bleedin’ liberty.

If Jeff Atwood’s approach to dealing with complaints and questions is anything to judge the rest of the devs by then frankly I’m entirely unsurprised at that response.

At least you didn’t have to save and return to the Dawn of the first day