[Announcement] Re-organizing games and other content

Ofcourse you can.

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Go ahead and post them, it would be great to have them here.

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Okay thanks, it’ll be only one or two games actually, only a handful meets the requirements, such as that they work.

I just spent 3 hours disassembling this game and studying the gameboy instruction set and dev tools so that I could crack it’s emulator protection. I did, but it doesn’t run correctly beyond the intro screen :slightly_frowning_face:

You got UFO Race working. How about you concentrate your considerable skills on the Meta porting because Gameboy is kind of a done deal? Arduboy lib port would also be nice (hint: @Pharap can help )


I’d definitely want to help port the META library, it’s just that I just started toying with the 3D library… but lately I’ve been experimenting with handling multiple project so we’ll see. @Pharap wouldn’t you want to try to start the META port? It would be motivating because there’s demand. I would try to later join in and help (without enforcing my programming style, I’d try to respect your decisions).

We should have some incentive for finishing a game. A badge is one, but it looks not to be enough…

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We should have a badge for completing someone else’s abandoned game.


The Arduboy lib is actually pretty near to completion.
Aside from a few special hardware functions (e.g. the LED functionality, a few of the screen commands like flipping the display) all the most common functions are implemented.

I had most of the remaining details mapped out, I just lost steam on it because it felt like not many people were interested in it, or at the very least they were more interested in the other stuff that was going on at the time.

I don’t know, I’d be flying blind a bit because I don’t have a META to test on.

The main reason I decided to take the lead on porting Arduboy2 is because I knew the library very well because I’ve been involved in its development a few times and spent a lot of time reading the source.

There’s actually less room for argument with a port.
You have to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Aside from a handful of stylistic and layout changes (changing the brace style, switching to tabs, fully qualifying names) there’s not much else you can change before you start changing the semantics.

I’d like to get round to making more games, but there’s two things stopping me.
The first is my backlog of other projects.

It would be best to ask first, there’s a fine line between abandoned and “I’ll finish it, but life keeps getting in the way”.
(Don’t forget, @epicdude312 came back to resurrect Blocky World.)

You have just inadvertently given me an idea though.
We should have a badge for remembering to put a licence on a game.

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If possible then sure, but a license should be enough.

Maybe a badge for forking a game then? Not just any fork, would have to be a fork with a lot of added value of course.

I’ll have one for XMas, so I might end up trying the port eventually to make my consoles compatible.

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@Pharap and @drummyfish my 2 cents: you both should focus more on making games (or programming in general) than on stuff like discussing which tags to use, which license etc. :slight_smile: (because you both seem very good at it)

ps I am just kidding of course

In general I would like to see some larger games for the pokitto…
for example this one: The amazing Mr. Martin
Pokitto Grand Prix looks promising as well


You have made PGP possible by contributing graphics so you can count that in.

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To make PGP a bigger game we need to have many more tracks and a backstory that develops as the career progresses. i cannot do all by myself, so I have been thinking about how to involve the community. For example, you could load the track (as a text file) and textures from a SD card to be able to test new track profiles and graphics.



Not so sure. Mariokart is a brilliant game, and has none of that. Well tuned tracks and gameplay is the key.


Depends on what kind of game we are after. A good back story can make the game more immersive.

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I think I’ve mentioned to you the one game I’d really love to make,
but before that I really want to work on improving the library.

Yep, all the mario kart games are basically “it’s a racing tournament, no explanation given”.

The problem would be how to flesh out the story.
You could have cutscenes I guess?

Oh no, the dreaded word has appeared already. D:


The simplest would be the comics style.

That’s quite fitting, as the original f-zero had a backstory comic in the manual;

Image inside


I’m presuming you mean something like what @spacebruce linked?

TF2 does something similar for its backstory, and Portal2 had a similar thing to flesh out its story.

If we did that though, maybe we ought to redesign the characters a bit?

Open game art stuff is fine if you’re just after a placeholder or you aren’t very good at art and can’t find an artist, but if you’re going to be fleshing out the story then it make sense to come up with some original characters.
Having unique characters gives the game more… character.

If we went ahead with it then I could probably contribute some art for that, although I’m not the best artist,
as my DA gallery will attest to.

That F-Zero comic is gorgeous!

Maybe, we do not necessarily need even that. I have seen some games using just “talking heads” i.e. a picture of a head, a name label, and a speech bubble.

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You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on driving and the plot at the same time.
You could do it before the race started, but then it might as well just be a cutscene anyway like I said.

By ‘cutscene’ I don’t necessarily mean a fancy video, essentially just “talking heads” but with some kind of fancy background would do.
E.g. a bit like what Star Fox did.