[Announcement] Re-organizing games and other content

From the point of view of Discourse and how it works, order of tags has no effect

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It makes it easier to look for tags when they’re in a certain order,
you know roughly where in the tag list to be looking.
It also looks nicer.

For example, at the moment if you open up the games category and look at the tagged games, some of them have ‘genre’, release, game, but then there’s some that breaks the pattern at it’s visually quite jarring.

Having release and then game in on some topics and then game then release on other topics looks a bit odd.

It could probably be done with an extension or a modification to the discourse software, but that might be more effort than it’s worth.

Again, it would probably need editing or an extension.

There is an order, but if you try to reorder the tags without adding or removing any then the system won’t register that as an edit, it will consider them the same as before.

If you remove a tag, save the edit and then re-add the tag, then it will reorder them.

I tested this by removing the 2-player tag from my noughts and crosses game and adding it back in a separate edit, so it’s now at the end.

Should I start a separate thread for discussing standardisation or should we discuss that here?

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If it’s just a visual thing, users shouldn’t be bothered with entering it in a specific order, it should be automatic. Can be just a few line client-side JavaScript that calls sort on the tag elements.

Yes please :slight_smile:


I have no idea what level of customisation is available for the pages themselves, so I have no idea if this is possible.

If it is possible to just add scripts to the editor without needing a full extension then yes, this would be possible, but there would need to be a list of tags with weights that determine their order.

E.g. { "game": 0, "demo": 1, "tool": 2, "release": 3 }

If that’s possible then it might also be reasonable to implement a system to make certain tags mutually exclusive (e.g. game, demo and tool should be mutually exclusive).

Person A: “Should we do option A or option B”
Person B: “Yes”


I’m assuming you meant “yes, start a new thread” and not “yes, discuss it here”?

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Yes, sorry that was unintentional :smile:


Btw. Have to say that there are now so many cool games for Pokitto :slight_smile: The games list with gif-animations looks really attractive.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, there are also too many nice unfinished games that are so close but not yet ready.


I’d also add – and I know I’m probably starting to sound annoying but – there is not many properly licensed games either. I’ve been browsing the entries and adding the open-source tag, but so far I’ve only found 10, mostly mine :smile: A lot of these seem to be missing the license just by not caring too much or having forgotten about it. For example the examples under PokittoLib.

I’ve once written a how-to licensing article for beginners for Arduboy – could I edit it a little and post it here in the tutorial area in hopes that it would maybe help the cause?


One more thing please – I can’t see the gameboy homebrew games from this and this site here. Can I convert them and post them? I’ll gladly take the time to do it, but I don’t wannt be stealing likes by lazy drag and dropping games into @FManga’s awesome emulator, so @FManga, do you want to do it yourself and enjoy all the fame and glory? :smile: I just really want these games to be around here in the database. I can prepare the files and texts and send them to you to just post them, okay?

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Ofcourse you can.

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Go ahead and post them, it would be great to have them here.

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Okay thanks, it’ll be only one or two games actually, only a handful meets the requirements, such as that they work.

I just spent 3 hours disassembling this game and studying the gameboy instruction set and dev tools so that I could crack it’s emulator protection. I did, but it doesn’t run correctly beyond the intro screen :slightly_frowning_face:

You got UFO Race working. How about you concentrate your considerable skills on the Meta porting because Gameboy is kind of a done deal? Arduboy lib port would also be nice (hint: @Pharap can help )


I’d definitely want to help port the META library, it’s just that I just started toying with the 3D library… but lately I’ve been experimenting with handling multiple project so we’ll see. @Pharap wouldn’t you want to try to start the META port? It would be motivating because there’s demand. I would try to later join in and help (without enforcing my programming style, I’d try to respect your decisions).

We should have some incentive for finishing a game. A badge is one, but it looks not to be enough…

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We should have a badge for completing someone else’s abandoned game.


The Arduboy lib is actually pretty near to completion.
Aside from a few special hardware functions (e.g. the LED functionality, a few of the screen commands like flipping the display) all the most common functions are implemented.

I had most of the remaining details mapped out, I just lost steam on it because it felt like not many people were interested in it, or at the very least they were more interested in the other stuff that was going on at the time.

I don’t know, I’d be flying blind a bit because I don’t have a META to test on.

The main reason I decided to take the lead on porting Arduboy2 is because I knew the library very well because I’ve been involved in its development a few times and spent a lot of time reading the source.

There’s actually less room for argument with a port.
You have to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Aside from a handful of stylistic and layout changes (changing the brace style, switching to tabs, fully qualifying names) there’s not much else you can change before you start changing the semantics.

I’d like to get round to making more games, but there’s two things stopping me.
The first is my backlog of other projects.

It would be best to ask first, there’s a fine line between abandoned and “I’ll finish it, but life keeps getting in the way”.
(Don’t forget, @epicdude312 came back to resurrect Blocky World.)

You have just inadvertently given me an idea though.
We should have a badge for remembering to put a licence on a game.

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If possible then sure, but a license should be enough.

Maybe a badge for forking a game then? Not just any fork, would have to be a fork with a lot of added value of course.

I’ll have one for XMas, so I might end up trying the port eventually to make my consoles compatible.

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@Pharap and @drummyfish my 2 cents: you both should focus more on making games (or programming in general) than on stuff like discussing which tags to use, which license etc. :slight_smile: (because you both seem very good at it)

ps I am just kidding of course

In general I would like to see some larger games for the pokitto…
for example this one: The amazing Mr. Martin
Pokitto Grand Prix looks promising as well


You have made PGP possible by contributing graphics so you can count that in.

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