[Announcement] Pokitto SD card loader v4.0 beta release

#Pokitto SD loader v4.0 beta


Place LOA.DER file on your SD card

Start a game, press C to go to loader

It will ask if you want to update, press “up” to begin the process

Wait… and wait a little bit more until the flashing is complete

From there on, it should work out of the box



It didn’t ask me to update.

I will make a video. I want to know where it didn’t ask.

Definitely if you’re not running some very old binaries it should ask.

amazing works like a charm, was prety fast too
dont forget to set the time and date unless your still in 2009 XD

That’s by default in the chip.

uhmm, should the settings be working already ? I set Loader wait time to 1 sec and Volume wait to 0 but there is no change, it still waits 3 sec in Loader screen and stops at the volume select screen untill i press A

Settings are being stored, if i reboot they are still set as i left them.

Just to double check, what format should the card be in?
(FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT?)
Does the card have to be a specific type?
And will any old game do?

No. That part is in the library, not the loader. I need to do that still

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It worked after I reloaded a different game. It seems I need to update my offline library again, my solitaire build is outdated.

FAT32 format

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Thank you. I suspected the format would be my problem.

I’m going to make a note:
To do: write a “How to use an SD card with the Pokitto” guide/wiki.

i think there was a formate function in sdfilesystem somewhere, that something i see done on dashcams all the time
basicly the pokitto could format the sd cards, maybe something for the next loader?


Here is also ready-to-go binary which has the loader pre-installed!!!

Just drag-and-drop and it works.


I just realised today is actually the perfect day for the clock functionality to be released.

In Britain the clocks go back 1 hour at 01:00.