[Announcement]Live stream at 18:00 (6pm) GMT


We will be giving a first look to the Pokitto Python entries

The stream will be on Pokitto YT channel:



Just so everyone knows, GMT doesn’t observe daylight saving time,
so it’s roughly the same as UTC+00:00.



Here is a link to the live stream starting in 20 minutes!


It actually ended up being ~19:00 GMT, but close enough.

(Disregard this, my poor mental arithmetic skills are tripping me up again.)


Depends, UK isnt in GMT during daylight savings time.


Ah, did miss a lot of this, but what i saw was fun.


I just double checked, I was getting mixed up with the maths.
I keep forgetting the timestamps on comments get localised.

I knew about GMT not doing daylight savings, I mentioned that before.

Side note: I’m glad you said “daylight savings”, earlier I thought I was going mad because I keep wanting to call it “daylight savings time” but everywhere on the internet writes it as “daylight saving time”. That means the pluralisation is probably a colloqiual thing.

You can watch the whole thing from the start if you want.
It’s now eternally saved on the channel, including all the comments.
(You can’t add new comments though.)


You can re-watch it, the link points to the recorded video.


Thanks i will (ah and damn mobile keyboard🙄)


That was fun, thanks for doing this! :slight_smile: