An idea for pokitto

So in case someone went to a maker fairs or trade show, use pokitto as a name badge, show it’s face and have it change to perhaps a name badge, then show some game footage and back to face then name tag.


I haven’t used my Pokitto long enough to determine this…

Do we have any measured data on how long a Pokitto will last on a single battery charge?

Based on my current measurements of an average of 45mA, if the battery is truly 600mAh, as marked, it would last about 13 hours.

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I think it would be more of a ‘name necklace’.
It’s certainly got enough holes to loop some string through.

It’s funny, I’ve never thought of the Pokitto as wearable technology before. :P


Original thoughts for me!
I just thought it could be a neat way to show one off if you were working a booth somewhere showing pokitto off