Amazing talk about 8-bit art and palette rotations

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Palette Snooping/Color cycling is an old and really nice trick.

We use it a lot on SNES game (same on other system from the same era).

The tricks is simple.
You don’t move tile that cost lot of cycle, you just change the palette index in the reference palette.
So when your tile will be draw it will change the color draw because the palette change.

You can do lot of effect with it.
Red light on City the night or alert red light in lab (classic but fun)
Make your player poison (you need to have 1 outline pixel that could be transparent withou effect but green or red when your statut change ect…)


You just need a good pixel artist that know that old tech :wink:

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Did I mention Pokitto has palette tweening and rotation functions? :smile:

static uint16_t interpolateColor (uint16_t, uint16_t, uint8_t)
static void rotatePalette (int8_t)
static void tweenPalette (uint16_t *, const uint16_t *, const uint16_t *, uint8_t)

yep i see it :wink:

We could dev some really nice effect with this :slight_smile: