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Hey guys, I thought I would start this topic ready for when I and others start making videos and video reviews on the Pokitto!


@WMG nice idea! Just a heads-up: its Pokitto with double t and single k! And don’t worry, you are definitely not the only one to wonder about the spelling!

Edit: double t’s are widely used in Finnish language. I didn’t realize it would be so awkward for other language speakers to notice. :blush:

Rookie mistake. Must remember single k double t. Will certainly help with the old google search etc. :smiley:

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Yep :grin: Thats why I pointed it out! I am testing units right now, we will hopefully be able to start the blogger/review round in the near future.

I’ll write a uninformed idiot review for ya,
Actually I’d honestly like to try a diy kit and talk about it from the perspective that I’m super noob. And it’s so easy even I can do it.

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So its Po-Kit-To, thats not so strange for a dutchmen :slight_smile:



This is how you pronounce it:

Does this count as a Pokitto video?


Woooooaaaahh! I love how that looks!

Still haven’t had time to test on hardware… been very busy coding the loader

Don’t worry about it, work is far more important than playing games right now. I just wish I could be motivated enough to do the music properly.
At least it I should get any bugs ironed out in time for people to play it once the hardware starts to ship out.

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@jonne, I hope you dont mind. I will be uploading your latest video to my channel as I hope it will gain a bit more exposure that way and I am working on getting the best ones from your channel linked into here so we have them all in one place :slight_smile:


Go ahead. Thanks!!!


Good to have another Brit around.

I don’t know if the cable, SD card and adaptor is something all new units have or something you got specially.

(Jonne is pronounced more like ‘yonneh’’ by the way. Like in the kickstarter video.)

Cheers for that @Pharap. I apologise @jonne for my very British pronunciation. I can’t wait to show more of this little thing off, it’s so cool. Expect more videos soon!


In fairness J is a bit of a strange letter with odd history.
I’n some languages it’s like a Y (e.g. fjord), in some languages it’s like an H (e.g. jalapeño).