Adventures in soldering

I second this. Get a multimeter @BigBadHodad and check for continuity (the “beep” function) between the legs of the transformer and where their signals are supposed to come from

If you do not have a multimeter, it is essential gear for this stuff, so buy one


I checked it visually and couldn’t find a bad joint, and I metered it I actually discovered the short makes it work while checking when I touched the meter to those legs accidentally it started working.

I also switched it to a 9volt and it works a bit better.
I think the transistor May be bad I’ll change it out later. For now it works lol. So I temp mounted it in an old picture frame

Thanks guys.

So I have a question for some advice, I received two shadow box frames for Christmas, I plan on using one to mount my pocket chips and alpha chips in for display and lighting it with some warm white leds I have, my question though is how would any of you recommend actuall mounting the devices in the frame? I considered hot glue, because I don’t plan on taking them out, but hot glue is just not elegant. Any suggestions?

so I got a small old screen and was thinking a small enough monochrome screen and you could build a tiny Mac Classic running system 6.0.3

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