ADC reference and battery voltage input?

Will the Pokitto provide an accurate reference on the VREFP and VREFN pins and will the raw battery voltage be divided down to feed an ADC input pin, to allow monitoring the battery charge level through software?
There is battery class on reference. I think you mean this

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I think he is interested in how it is done in hardware.

There is a to provide a real voltage reference.

EDIT: just dividing battery voltage does not give an accurate indication of the battery voltage because as the battery voltage drops, a divided voltage will drop in same relation. For your ultimate comfort, a real chip was added to provide the reference.


I talked about a divider because you can’t just feed the raw battery voltage directly into a pin. It would end up being higher than Vdd and the reference voltage. Usually you use a resistor divider to lower the sensed battery voltage proportionately, so it falls within the range of the ADC reference.

It’s also a good idea to put the ground side of the divider on a pin, or on a MOSFET transistor controlled by a pin, or use some other way to shut off the divider circuit, so it doesn’t draw power when not in use.