"Adapter" hats?

In looking at the personal weather station thread, it occurred to me that a Pokitto hat that let you plug in the :bit boards might be a better approach. Others interfaces might be a better choice, but the obvious choices have problems. Raspberry Pi’s expose a lot more pins, and Arduino shields a few more plus being large compared to the Pokitto.

The micro.bit seems like a good fit: it exposes 20 pins on an edge connector, and uses a Cortex M0 CPU (Nordic nRF51822).

The Adafruit Feather line might also be worth looking at; similar pin counts to the Arduino in a smaller form factor.


Do you have any info handy on that :bit board edge connector? I’d look it up myself but I am super busy

Sorry, I got it wrong. There are 20 edge connectors, but also 5 through hole/edge connectors. Specs are at http://tech.microbit.org/hardware/edgeconnector_ds/

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Any idea of a compatible edge connector female part from Digikey/Mouser?

Not those vendors, but I haven’t looked. There’s a breakout board specifically for it at https://www.kitronik.co.uk/5601b-edge-connector-breakout-board-for-bbc-microbit-pre-built.html, and adafruit sells an edge connector that works with lots of extra pins https://www.adafruit.com/product/3342_emphasized text_. The latter is a 2x40 connector with 1.27mm spacing.