Adafruit is making the 'PyBadge'

Yes, the shell gives personality for Pokitto. PyBadge is more like “a PCB board and stuff”.

Also it does not have SD card slot, nor wlan. You have to connect the cable every time you switch the game.


It also seems the speaker and battery are sold separately along with any sort of case. This would be similar to buying just the pokitto board and having to source all the other peripherals.

That explains why the price is so speaker no battery no shell. No see card slot. But you get a bette processor.

Still seems like a more constrained overall ecosystem though.

“To make bleeps and bloops, there’s a built in buzzer-speaker. For projects where you need more volume, you can plug in one of our 8 ohm speakers.”

…‘coming soon’:

Now we are talking…

Hoestly I’m not a big fan of that case/shell.
I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t look right to me.

The Pokitto’s case/shell has far more charm.


That definitely solves a lot of the trepidation I had :thinking:

I agree, Pokitto’s case is the best I’ve had or seen so far


Now and then I do think the arms get in the way a little :frowning:


I think they provide a good gripping mechanism.
I like to have the arms resting on my index fingers,
and my middle fingers wrapped around the legs.

(Also, you could just get a larger box.)


I never liked the tabs since I first saw the Pokitto.

It looks like it’s chilling in a bath or something like this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d have to buy a new case to chop the arms off. My previous spare case got too butchered:-(

I do :disappointed::cry::disappointed_relieved::sob:

Though some company is claiming to be making new improved chips soon and well I’ll get one

Well at least one I have a v1 pocket chip and a v.74 one from the video where they unboxed a bunch of them, the v.74 had much better screen printing on it.


The inevitable has happened

Does this speak trouble for Gamebuino? Since for almost a 3rd the price one could get a PyBadge :thinking:


And its way more powerful


Oh, my. It is only a matter of time when all the Gamebuino Meta games are compiled to PyBadge…