A small video (in french)

I finally found enough time for a little video introduction of the Pokitto.
Nothing fancy, just because I have some french kids around me who likes that simple kind of videos.

Now I need to figure out how to import external libraries for different pieces of hardware like my Led Matrices (Max7219) :slight_smile:



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now I’d like to show little electronic experiments.
but first I need to figure out how to access pins on the pokitto with code, and then understand how to import external libraries (like for my max7219 matrices)

I’m quite familiar with micro controllers, now it’s time to understand the software world of Pokitto I guess.


Very good video, merci beaucoup.

It depends on how you want to drive the pins and peripherals. You can write directly to registers in C or Asm, use mbed library functions in C++ or do simple things with pinout functions in uPython

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So no help from existing libraries from arduino world or micropython world?
I can start with simple leds, buttons and potentiometers, let’s see where it goes :wink:

Mbed has all the same functionality and almost same libs as Arduino. Google ‘mbed’ and name of whatever device you want to drive


I used an Arduino -> Mbed library for my IR controller project. It worked out of the box in my C++ project.

The main.cpp here shows how I simply import and use the functions from the irremote

The library itself is in the directory above as well.

You have a copy of .cpp and .h for this library in your project?

Yes? I so not quite understand. I copied the whole library from here

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My question was only to know if we have to compile libraries with our project itself.
I’m used to import compiled libraries in Arduino environment, and only once.
But that’s ok and it was a very useful answer, thanks a lot.

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Yes, we do not have that kind of library importing UI in the IDE like Arduino, but you just need to manually copy the needed source files to your project.


Glad I could help! :slight_smile: