A small status update, future of Pokitto

Just so you all know, I’ve had several discussions this week with regards to the future of Pokitto.

We’re going to be developing Pokitto in collaboration with several partners. One of them is a teaching organization, one of them a technology organization. Funding is going to be involved, but fundamentals of what we are doing will stay the same - the circumstances in which we work on things will improve.

The thing is, its going to take a while for that work to become public. But it means improved teaching materials etc.

I want you all to know that underneath Pokitto is developing, even if I don’t have time to participate all the time. And it is growing into interesting directions, more involved in electronics than just gaming and you all are going to be able to benefit from it. It is also helping me pay the bills, because what I am essentially doing at the moment is not only selling Pokittos but getting money from sharing the know-how with other companies.

Even if I am not around at times, do not think “this is one of those abandoned projects”. The truth is Pokitto opened so many new doors, that I am having a hard time using my time for different things.

More on that later.


Is the box (propping up your scope) your way of saying that one of the two organizations is Nintendo? :stuck_out_tongue:

PokkitSwitch ? :scream:

No, its a former mobile phone company. We are making a Pokitto version that you can hold sideways and talk to the spirit of Windows Phone.



I’m afraid you didn’t get the joke


Nintendo are too busy playing with carboard boxes to appreciate the Pokitto :P


I so wanted one of those, passed up buying one as Walmart was phasing them out on clearance. Now all the collectors have driven the prices sky high, too bad too a local place had a pile
Of them and went out of business they never sold any of them. Now their bank owns them all.

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