A platformer try

I would like to make a Chuckie Egg inspired game for the Pokitto and the Arduboy, here is the first try on the Pokitto:


A greater start!

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Thank you @spinal :wink:

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Found time to work a little bit on my Chuckie Eggs like game on Pokitto. I improved collision detection and added lift support. Next time…enemies ! :slight_smile:



It looks promising! Can’t wait to fit on my pocket.:smiley:

« Merci ! »
Can’t wait to see the final result too :smirk:

The movement looks very smooth, what screenmode are you using?

I’m using the 110×88 screen mode.
The game is not optimized,there is lot of division that I can replace with bit shift for example. But I like to do that at the end of the dev, I’m sure I will not be disappointed with the speed with this strategy :wink:
One day I will finish it…