A nice way to start a sunday morning


i noticed this only afterwards, but there are hints of two other gaming devices in addition to “The64 Mini”. Can you spot those? :wink:

I see a Nintendo switch joy con and a wii sensor bar.

You are too good :slight_smile:

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I love “eye spy” :slight_smile:

That reminds me of a minigame I saw in NDS (it was inside some Super Mario game). There was a picture where you should spot certain tiny character until the time runs out.

Today we played (or tried to play) SNES mini with Tuomo. Its a solid console but … hmm … yeah. Time has taken its toll.

Instead, we played an hour of Battlefield 1942 co-op and it was every bit as fun as I remembered


That reduced-scale keyboard is very attractive

Too bad it is non-functional…

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I was trying to find one locally, but they are all gone now since the Switch Lite came out. SNES was one of my top favourite consoles growing up.

What did you play on it ?

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past is still one of my favourite games of all times.

The Donkey Kong Country trilogy also my favourites.

Super Mario World of course :wink: I also have the all stars still too.

Mario Kart of course.

Pilot Wings is a favorite.



F Zero of course!

And any of the Megaman series.

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I approve. Not enough people have played Mother 2.

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Props for the original name :smiley: What is funny is I never played the first one .

First one is surprisingly good.

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I’ll have to get my hands on it then :smiley:

There is a wii sensor on top

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