A MicroPython & Pokitto article in the Skrolli Magazine


I have written an article about Pokitto and MicroPython to the Finnish Skrolli magazine, and it was finally released in the latest Skrolli 1/2018 issue :slight_smile: Skrolli is a mainly volunteer-based computer culture magazine on paper and digital. There is also an international edition (English) once a year. They made a lot of nice pictures for my article!


I don’t know much Finnish but I’m guessing “Suomi-konsolissa” means “Finnish Console” and “debuggaa” is something to do with debugging :P

Either way the art is very impressive.
I like that they matched the colours of your Pokitto.


the art is very cute :snake:
i guess there is no translated article for us to read?


Right, the whole sentence is “Pokitto: Python in the Finnish console”. In Finnish language, there are no prepositions, but instead there are suffixes. So “in the console” is “konsolissa” with an “ssa” suffix. There are no articles either (a,an,the). That is why I often forgot articles in English sentences :slight_smile:


They usually make one international, English, issue each year, where they collect best stories from the four Finnish issues. Lets hope the Pokitto story gets selected :slight_smile:

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interesting, i was wondering should we do our own small magazine?

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In what screen mode ? :slight_smile:

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Making a magazine is not a small task for the chief editor, but if someone feels like starting a magazine promise to write a couple of articles for it :wink:

yea your right, maybe just stick to a blog or somthing

Ah, I see.

I had guessed the suffixes were a grammatical feature,
but I wasn’t sure which feature.

Japanese and Russian don’t have articles either.
(I don’t know any Russian, but I know a small amount of Japanese.)

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The Arduboy has a magazine that’s been going for about 1 year now.
It released its 13th volume last week.

It was supposed to be once a month, but they’ve run into a lot of problems lately like one of the two people who organises it being taken ill and struggling to get articles since people have to donate them.

One of the alternatives they’ve been considering is a blog.
I think the Pokitto would be better off with a blog that posts one article a week until we’ve got more people.

A blog would also be good for writing about events and new features as a sort of weekly summary for people who don’t visit the forums as often, e.g. “X Pokittos shipped”, “forums surpass 200 users”, “new screen mode added”

In case anyone is bored enough to read my ramblings:
I co-wrote volume 9 pages 35-39,
I was interviewed in volume 10 pages 38-39 and
I wrote volume 10 pages 34-37 and volume 11 pages 20-24.


hey thats pretty cool @Pharap
there is allot of cross over with the arduboy in a way maybe were looking at more a general micro console magazine/blog?
running pokitto, arduboy and gamebuino or is that a bit to much? it would atleast give enugh content and variety. but im no writer or editor so what do i know


It depends on the article.
Some of the articles are specifically about Arduboy programming,
some articles (like mine) are general advice that can be applied to any system.

That said, there’s a lot of user crossover
(i.e. people who are on both the Arduboy forums and the Pokitto forums).

E.g. me, uXe, eried, crait, MLXXXp, Beau, TokyoBatman
(and probably others that have slipped my mind)

That’s a good idea.

Though it would be a bit of effort to organise.

Perhaps covering more than one console would reduce the overall effort to create it though,
since if one console is struggling for articles the others can pick up the slack.

It would also mean general articles could be targetted at all console at once instead of republishing them for each console.

I’m not sure what the gamebuino is like or how much overlap there is, but I think Arduboy and Pokitto would be the obvious two to include, more because of the overlapping user base than anything else.

interesting im like the oposite the overlap with gamebuino and arduboy is way closer (avr, monochrome, arduino)
and the gamebuino meta closer to the pokitto (arm M0+, color lcd, io pins)

What about the user base though?
Are many Pokitto or Arduboy users also on the Gamebuino forums?

i used to admin the old gamebuino forums, a few people are here that where also on gamebuino

and who knows there might be others out there that are still considered micro consoles (i wouldn’t include the pi or other tiny linux machines though)

Congratulations @Hanski

That’s pictures are really awesome, they show the editors are passionate about what they are working on.