A little off topic,


So last year I ordered two simple soldering kits from wish, one is a “police” flasher the I accidentally destroyed after completing it (and it worked for a bit lol) the other is a 1-10 random number wheel thingy.
I ordered three more last night a little car that follows a line, a metal detector and a tiny fm radio to put together because I think it’s fun and relaxing, so here is my question, does anyone have any suggestions for other little kits that I could build like these preferably cheap ones lol.

Also what can I do with an arduino nano? I was fiber one the other day and not sure what to do with it.


Nano’s are good fun, but not so much on their own… maybe get one of those arduino module kits with servos/sensors/leds/etc. With that the nano will actually be able to do something.


Like what FManga says, a module kit is definitely the way to go. I’ve been looking to potentially pick up another one with more sensors etc… that I don’t already have in my kit right now (which came with a Mega 2650).


I know I lack the skills but I’ve always wanted to make an automatic device to turn a faucet to drip when it gets too cold in winter.


You only lack skills because you haven’t tried yet :slight_smile: that sounds like an awesome starter project.


Well, that’s exactly the way Pokitto started. I bought an ATMega2560 and a dot matrix display.

So I would argue that you are exactly on topic here


I’ve always wanted to create a floating RGB LED light for the bath that detects the temperature and changes colour from blue to red depending on how hot the water is.


If I get better at soldering I want to get a gigatron and assemble it it’s like $100 is I think


I started playing with the Nano this evening, it has some built in sketches with annotation telling what everything does, and I was able to make it blink its onboard green LED at a speed I set and then hook up an external LED to pin 9 and make it fade in and out as I wanted and I even hooked up a small fan I have for a Pi and it would turn it on and off, could be neat as a way to cool a case with a temp sensor,

I wonder if annotated code for pokitto would make it easier for me to learn how to do that, though Im in no way programming the arduino, it would be neat to make something useful with it,


It depends what you mean by ‘annotated’.

Have you read the ‘using the PEX’ tutorials?


Not yet but I will, I just meant a game with the code explained within, though a tutorial written for dummies like me would help too. Too many game ideas and no way to make them.