A completely useless but fun idea ;-)

You might have noticed that using the SD card in Pokitto makes an interference noise to the audio. Now, if someone would make a music using that :wink:

The same kind of idea was with the C64 disk drive, which make very audible sounds. Someone made a song by using the disk drive motor!


A few years back Computerphile did a video about how making ‘floppy drive music’ actually works:

I’m not sure it would be quite as precise with the Pokitto’s SD card drive.
It depends what’s actually causing the interference.

Some useless but somewhat interesting trivia…

The tune being played by the 1541 drive is “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)”, which is actually the first song ever played using computer speech synthesis - ‘sung’ by an IBM 704 in 1961.

Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke was actually present during a demonstration of the IBM 704’s ‘singing’, which is why he referenced it in his 1968 novel (and later film) 2001: A Space Odyssey by having the rogue AI HAL sing it.

Also the program being run is most likely “Sing Song Serenade”, which was written by Christopher C. Capon in 1985 for the Commodore 1541 floppy drive.


Ha - i like the idea, just for the fun of it :laughing:

Pretty funny indeed. This is one of my favourite songs performed on floppy drives, hdds and also scanners:


This is not hardware, but in Xonotic there is a meme weapon Tuba you can play tones with. The point is you can program bots to play as an orchestra.


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Interesting way of making music.

Talking about making music in shooters, Fortnite has got music blocks you can use in your map creations: