400+ backers, Maker Faire effect is lifting us

Hello all

Quick update: Maker Faire is over, we met alot of people at the stand. We found new component suppliers, talked with interested teachers, played games together with Faire visitors.

We are getting a bit of boost from the Faire, and are now 400+ backers strong. This means we have actually hit an “internal” goal of 400 we had set as a target, and we are set financially to lift this thing succesfully off the ground. Thank you all for backing.

Now I am going to enjoy Sanfrancisco for two days and then it is back to business!!


Hi Jonne !
I am from India and I am very exciting about this product (Pokitto) and thanking you about this innovative product. When I found it on kickstarter then suddenly I am thinking about different ideas and uses for this product. As a teacher I can teach programming and physical computing using this gadget very effectively !!! .I am also eager to share my thought ,ideas ,code with this community.So waiting for product to release and very exited to get hands on early bird for me.
Thank you once again ,
Kaustubh R Paradkar:smile:

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@krp Thanks! Welcome to the community!